Study: Weight Loss Apps Still Aren’t Using Many Established Behavior Change Strategies

One of the first, conducted in 2009, was covered by MobiHealthNews . At the time, we pointed out that this kind of study, which only examines whether apps follow existing protocols to determine how effective their weight loss strategies are, is not actually testing efficacy. The research team also acknowledged this isnt a true efficacy study and that more research must be doneto determine the efficacy of weight-loss mobile apps when they are used in combination with physician advice and monitoring. The published paper includes results from the study of 30 (free and paid) mobile apps found in January 2012 in the Apple App store and Google Play store. The data for the apps was analyzed in June 2012. Some of the apps analyzed included MyNetDiary, Livestrong, Fitbit, LoseIt!, and MyFitnessPal, according to the researchers. Established behavioral strategies that the research team looked for included weight-loss goals, dietary goals, stimulus control, a food pyramid, and portion control.


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Medical pioneers: What’s on your mind? August 23, 2013 In a time when there’s such a strong disconnect between medical science and the field, human fecal matter has managed to generate an unprecedented excitement progressing with remarkable speed.Take for example this recent experiment conducted on… Fecal Microbiota Transplantation: For life?

Healthy living in Lanarkshire with Therapy4Health

Attendees will experience first-hand the welcoming nature of Therapy4Healths team, who take care not to intimidate or bombard with jargon and promise to dispel any myths and mysteries. Since coming together in 2012, the group has run a number of well-attended covering a range of topics relating to holistic medicine, including dealing with anxiety and depression, relieving stress, combatting back pain, reiki, massage and meditation. Therapy4Healths Ann Doherty is a nurse acupuncturist who has worked in the community for 25 years. She felt there was a need for a community-led group that focussed on healthy-living and wellbeing. Lanarkshire has one of the highest levels of chronic ill-health in Scotland, she says, I wanted to do something that contributed to general health improvement. We welcome anyone interested in improving their health to the group. We keep things interesting by using a range of approaches such as group meetings, workshops and complementary therapies, and discuss a wide range of health-related topics. Ann also feels its important to be able to offer those who attend Therapy4Health events the best possible knowledge about health: Were always getting in touch with charities, groups and agencies to learn from the expertise they have to offer. We are very open to working with others and thats partly what this event is about making contacts and connections so we can build up an accurate picture of what kind of health treatments are out there in communities. Ann feels that the group also has a unique social factor that encourages people to come back. People come to the group for a number of reasons, says Ann. Some feel isolated, some are unsure about where to get information and support, others are bewildered by the rapid changes seen by the NHS. Most feel they have found vital forms of social support within the group. The Open Day will be running a How Healthy Are You? workshop with questionnaires on healthy living and activity. Each participant will be given a healthy living score with comments on everyday changes they can make to improve their wellbeing. There will also be blood pressure check-ups complete with expert advice from Blood Pressure UK.

Contest! Food And Nutrition Workshop With Julie Matthews (tampa And Miami)

I love sharing the science in order to help families understand why food and nutrition choices matter, and how to make helpful changes. Next month in Tampa and Miami, I will be leading food and nutrition workshops. Youll learn the scientific rationale and how to of special dietsbecoming better able to help your child through this approach, and to debunk any naysayer trying to convince you not to care what you feed your child. Autism/ADHD can improve. At the event, I will be sharing the science and research of how foods and nutrients are important for supporting biochemistry and the role of food choices regarding: oxalates, salicylates, amines, gluten/dairy, grain-free diets. It is my mission to empower parents with knowledge about the science of nutrition, so moms on the front lines, can discover more ways to help your children, and effectively lead their healing team.

Can your kids name the nutrition gaps in the world that need the most attention? (Video)

“Nutrition is integral to some of the most severe global challenges of our time. The shrewd application of science to understanding the complexities of human nutrition helps establish the maps that guide us as we move forward,” says Dr. David Nabarro, Special Representative of the UN Secretary General for Food Security and Nutrition, in the September 26, 2013 news release, ” Landmark report sets priorities to address malnutrition .” “This Agenda, being developed by The Sackler Institute and WHO, in conjunction with many other scientists and practitioners worldwide, should serve as a basis for the application of science to develop solutions for the critical issues in nutrition and development. It is bound to be an ever-growing Agendaand ever-changing Agendabecause that is how science is,” Nabarro adds, according to the news release. Malnutrition, which includes both under- and over-nutrition, affects more than a quarter of the world’s population Poor nutrition causes a range of serious and costly health problems, from impaired cognitive and physical development to illness, disease, and death. The implications extend far beyond health outcomes, affecting workforce capacity, political stability, and economic progress. By collaboratively activating the Agenda, stakeholdersincluding researchers, funders, implementation specialists, and policy makershave the potential to change the global nutrition landscape; ultimately tipping the scales from malnutrition to optimal nutrition. To this end, nutrition science researchers will convene at The Sackler Institute for Nutrition Science at the New York Academy of Sciences on September 26th to start activation of the global research agenda through a full day of specialized working groups. “This is a critical time for nutrition,” says Dr.

Ask Healthy Living: Why Do We Get ‘grumpy Hungry’?

With all of the marketing of sports drinks, bars, gels and powders, this is an excellent question to ask. There’s certainly no harm in eating — and it might help information you meet your fitness goals by giving you more energy during the actual run or elliptical workout. MORE Why Does Weight Loss Get Harder? Anyone who has tried to lose weight knows about those frustratingly immobile final five or 10 pounds. And while there are a lot of suggestions (just Google “last 10 pounds” and you’ll enter an echo-chamber of weight loss advice, scientific half-truths and can-do enthusiasm), the truth is that several pretty straight-forward reasons can explain that unshakeable weight. MORE. Should I Do Cardio Or Weights First? Working out is always good for you.

Weekly Meditations for Healthy Sex (Sept. 13-19)

By consciously practicing our truest principles, we’ll develop healthier ways to relate to children responsibly and, with time, to heal our own inner child. Daily healthy sex acts If you have or were to have children, what message would they receive from your sexual and romantic lifestyle? Are you embodying values you’d want to pass on to the next generation? What patterns are you replaying from your childhood? Do they serve you? If not, what will it take to break the cycle? Today, embody your highest relational values. By living in your spirit, let your presence be a healthy model for others. Enjoy the connection this brings with everyone, especially all caregivers and children — who deserve our best selves.

Letter: Healthy living doesn’t include tobacco use

I am writing in response to the article “A one-stop shop for healthy living,” Aug. 28. I am excited to see Hannaford Supermarket taking steps to improve the health of its customers and the community it serves. The plan seems to be nothing but positive, except for one glaring inconsistency: Hannaford still sells the one product that, if used as intended, kills half of its users. Tobacco use remains the No. 1 cause of preventable death in the United States and claims 70 New Yorkers every day. It seems clear to me that such a product does not belong anywhere near a “Healthy Living Center.” The proposed “Healthy Living Center” will offer programs to both combat and prevent specific diseases but will continue to sell a product that single-handedly causes an astronomical level of disease and death. As stated in the article, Hannaford has established a great reputation for being health-conscious. Why not take that reputation one step farther and cease the sale of tobacco products?

Ten Fitness Facts You Need To Know

But it may please her fans to know that the singer actually has to work hard to achieve her fabulously fit formunlike those stars who frustratingly claim they can eat whatever they want. The blond beauty, who opens up about her intense workout routinesyes, plural!as the October cover girl of Women’s Health magazine, reveals she regularly hits the gym five times a week, logging in time doing everything from circuit training to treadmill intervals, and often calling on trainer Jeanette Jenkins for a little extra push. NEWS:Eva Mendes talks weight loss: my mom tells me when I’m too skinny “She’s a beast,” Jenkins jokes of Pink’s intense dedication. But just like the rest of us, the workout queen still tries to spice up her fitness regimen up by trying new skinny things and embracing those exercises that will keep her just as entertained as they will toned. “My favorite workout right now is hot yoga, but my favorite workout in general is my show, being onstage because I get to have fun while I’m sweating!” she admits. “Don’t even know how many calories I’m burning!” PHOTO: Pink shaves off her haircheck out the punk-inspired cut Women’s Health And though some might find her fab form and impressive fitness routine a little intimidating, Pink is quick to point out that she has her weaknesses. “I had to sit down four times and really decide who I am and whether I wanted to stay,” she said of the hot yoga classes, which she found surprisingly hard. And when it comes to food, she has a few guilty pleasures too. NEWS:Pink paparazzi scuffle: photographer allegedly kicked in the groin by man Women’s Health “I’m afraid of the world running out of cheesecake, especially Cheesecake Factory,” she said when asked to list her greatest fears. “And then I would also have to be afraid of the world running out of key limes because key lime cheesecake is the best kind of cheesecake there is.” While she tries to eat as healthily as possible, she also admits she’ll never give up bread, cheese or pasta. “I’d love to be 10 pounds thinner, but it’s not in the cards for me,” she revealed.

9. Theres a high correlation between the fitness level of the people close to you, and your own physical fitness. 10. Consistency and patience are key to long term successful weight loss. So there you have it and these are just a few facts of many.

Penn State Football Players Paying Attention To Diets

Guys didnt pay attention to their diets, safety Stephen Obeng-Agyapong said. And now, theres more of a sense of urgency when it comes to that. DaQuan Jones even gave up Wings Over to cut weight , and he showed it with a nine-tackle performance Saturday. Wings Over Happy Valley, a signature delivery restaurant fancied by not only the football team but much of Penn State, does not list nutritional facts on its website since the demand for accurate nutritional info has been challenging. But typical boneless wing meals can run close to 1,000 calories. There was a connection for me too, especially when I first got on campus, Obeng-Agyapong said. Wings Over is real good. I dont know. Theres a connection not just for me, but a lot of people on the team that eat Wings Over. Coach OBrien really stresses having a healthy diet, said tackle Garry Gilliam, who added nearly 40 pounds this offseason to become an offensive lineman after playing tight end for the first four years of his career. With how intense our workouts are, and practiceI think that the players understand its not just about working out. Even OBrien is joining the pack. As shown in ESPNs Training Days, Penn States second-year coach is on a diet of his own.

Weight loss programs and “fad” diets

Also, not all low-carb diets are the same. Some severely restrict carbohydrates, while other allow for unhealthy, high-fat protein. Studies have shown that either a low-carb or high-carb diet will result in the same amount of weight loss if the calories information are the same. So the most important factor for diet in weight loss is the total number of calories. If you and your dietitian decide that a low-carb diet is best for you, it is usually recommended for only 6 to 12 months. Moderate-fat diets These diets follow the basic principles of a balanced diet. Meal replacement plans also fall into this category and have the advantage of letting you know exactly how many calories and nutrients are in each serving, but are harder to maintain over the long term.

Orlando Health workers hold union meeting today

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EDT, August 29, 2013 Nearly 150 frustrated Orlando Health workers met Thursday afternoon to discuss forming a union. Signs throughout the employee areas of the hospital system invited workers to the union meeting. To form a union, at least 30 percent of the employees would have to sign up, according to a union representative from National Nurses Organizing Committee. “A lot of people are heated up and know that if we were unionized we wouldn’t be in this situation, so it’s only natural for us to want to get there,” said Sarah Collins, a nightshift worker in the neonatal intensive care unit at Winnie Palmer Hospital for Women & Babies.

Bill Clinton Enlisted By Obama to Promote U.S. Health Law

president who left office in 2001, will promote the Affordable Care Act in a Sept. 4 speech from his museum in Little Rock , Arkansas , according to a statement today from his philanthropic foundation. A White House aide, Dan Pfeiffer , welcomed Clintons help and quipped on Twitter that the former president is the Secretary of Explaining Stuff. Obama has called on the former presidents star power before, including during his 2012 re-election campaign. Clinton appeared at high-dollar fundraising events and in campaign ads that culminated in a rousing speech to the Democratic National Convention that helped to clarify Obamas economic policies and accomplishments for independent and undecided voters. He generally is very effective at what people call retail politics; talking about things as they directly affect peoples lives, Robert Blendon, a professor at the Harvard School of Public Health in Boston , said in a telephone interview. The challenge now is to surmount political opposition and public confusion about the 2010 Affordable Care Act, the largest regulatory overhaul of health care since the 1960s. More than 40 percent of people remain unsure whether the law is still on the books, according to a poll today by the Kaiser Family Foundation , a nonprofit based in Menlo Park , California . Public Concern People who are concerned about this bill are afraid that things in their lives arent going to go right — their health insurance rates may go up, they may have to change policies, weight loss their taxes are going to go up, Blendon said. The Affordable Care Act aims to reduce medical costs and extend insurance coverage to at least half of the nations 50 million uninsured.