10 Common Mistakes That Prevent You From Being Happy And Healthy Today, Backed By Science

We overdose on low quality information. We live sedentary lives and passively eat, watch, and soak up information rather than creating, contributing, and building our own things. As I wrote in this article … You can’t control the amount of time you spend on this planet, but you can control what you contribute while you’re here. These contributions don’t have to be major endeavors. Cook a meal instead of buying one. Play a game instead of watching one. Write a paragraph instead of reading one. You don’t have to create big contributions, you just need to live out small ones each day. 8. Working in a job that you don’t love As you might expect, it’s dangerous to work too much.

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Try substituting cauliflower for rice! Lightly steam cleaned and separated organic cauliflower flowerets. It is important not to over or under steam the cauliflower. They should be cooked just enough to warm them… Healthy living in Minneapolis events: Healthy Life Expo 2013 October 5, 2013 The Twin Cities is hosting another Healthy Life Expo eventDates:October 19-20, 2013Location:Minneapolis Convention Center Click HERE for directions and parkingHours:Saturday: 10:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.&Sunday:10… Minneapolis Whole Foods Market cooking classes September 1, 2013 Desiring to eat healthier but limited on ideas? The Minneapolis location of Whole Foods Market offers weekly cooking classes providing plenty of innovative ideas.Upcoming September classes include: Five Techniques, One Hundred Meals Meals for Four in Twenty…


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When Lori Popkewitz Alpers youngest son started kindergarten, she knew she did not want to return to the office to practice law. Instead, she wanted to be home for her three sons, now ages 13, 11 and 10, before they left for school and when they returned home. “I was a partner at a law firm in Brookline, and I worked with a great group of people,” said Alper. “But the stress was taking a toll after a while, and I knew I needed to make a change.” After making the difficult decision to leave her practice, Alper spent a full year thinking and brainstorming what to do next. “I really enjoyed talking about healthy eating and healthy living, so I educated myself on nontoxic living, and I found many others were interested in the topic as well.” During that time, Alper said the idea of blogging kept coming up, so in 2009 after dedicating time to designing her site, Groovy Green Livin’ launched and she began writing. “I went in with a very open mindset. I wasnt sure where it would take me, but I wanted to see what would happen.” She soon found that she was able to combine her legal background and her writing to give her a new-found voice in green living, whether it was in negotiating contracts or advocating. “My true passion became advocating for nontoxic products for children and consumers.